Hey Hey All,

It has been a couple years, but I have decided to ressurect DizzyCraft.  I really miss the community we had and hope some of the players we had before will find us again.

DizzyCraft is a Minecraft 1.12.2 server, we use Spigot to add plugins that give us many more features.

Here is a list of some of our plugins:

mcMMO - This plugin gives us RPG elements, you'll be able to level up abilities and skills that aid you in your journey.

uQuest - A way to earn extra money and experience, it also helps you to achieve higher ranks/groups.

LWC - You can protect your chests and other items.

MobHunting - Makes killing mobs and fishing more profitable and interesting.

AdvancedMobArena - Fight in an arena against ever inscreasing waves of mobs and boss mobs.

Towny Advanced - Start a town or join one, start a nation, and many other features.

ZHorse - Protect, Sell, and manage your horses.

PlayerShops - You can setup a shop to sell your hard earned items.

ShopChest - Setup chest shops to sell/buy your hard earned items.

IslandWorld - We have skyblock challenge world.

Come try out our server the address is on the right side of the page under Server Status.

Our wiki lists our Rules, Groups/Ranks, and the commands that each group has.

We also have a Discord channel, get the link in game with /help discord or goto the members list and look for the discord widget on the right side of the page.

[Owner] DizzyCraftOh and ignore the server status, the server is up, the status won't update with this kind of server.
[Owner] DizzyCraftWe have decided to try out modpack this week, it is called FTB Sky Adventures. If you want in leave a message in the forums or in the Discord Channel.
[Traveler] Orca26   registered to DizzyCraft
[Owner] DizzyCraftHey All, I just set the server to Vanilla so we can play the new expansion. I turned on the whitelist so we don't have to worry about security and all that. If you want in just post here or contact me in discord.
[Traveler] Shereph84   registered to DizzyCraft
[Owner] DizzyCraftNot long till I get the server updated to 1.13, had to wait on a lot of plugins to get updated. We may lose a couple we had but not sure yet.
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[Ranger] xcoolkat   sounds good!
[Traveler] CaptainArmstrong and [Traveler] bigapples15 registered to DizzyCraft
[Owner] DizzyCraftServer will be up and down for the next few days or so, working on updating to 1.13
[Traveler] itsjoshofaus   registered to DizzyCraft
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